A digital gift for you!

Have you pre-ordered A TREACHEROUS CURSE? If you do, we have a free digital gift pack waiting as a thank-you! Click HERE for details.

Note: I’ve had some questions from readers who pre-ordered months ago so just to clarify, YES, this gift pack is for you! Just click on the link, fill in the info, and collect your pack. Happy reading!

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Hangover Soup

So I’ve scoured the archives and can’t find my recipe for Hangover Soup–that means it’s time to make it up all over again since I never wrote it down anywhere. Oops! Hangover Soup is my cure-all for overindulgence of every sort. It is perfect when you’ve had a glass of seasonal merriment too many, but it’s even better when you’ve stuffed yourself like a Thanksgiving turkey and think you might actually die if you ever see another carb.

This soup is extremely flexible, but the one item you must have is Thai red curry paste. You can buy a small jar to keep in the fridge and a box of chicken or vegetable stock for the pantry. After that, everything else is up to you. First, whisk a healthy spoonful of Thai red curry paste into a cup or so of your favorite broth. The amount of paste will determine the heat level of the soup, so tread carefully, but I will say that the sinus-clearing properties of a substantial amount of this red stuff is the bulk of its charm. It will BLAST the fuzz right out of your head if you let it. Start with two teaspoons and add more if you can take it.

Put the broth/paste mixture onto the heat and get it simmering. If you’re a meat-eater, throw in some leftover chopped roasted chicken or turkey. Some very thinly-sliced roast beef might be yum, but I haven’t personally tried it. Now it’s time for the veg. I’ve used broccoli, asparagus, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, cabbage or bok choy in any combination. The only caveat is that the vegetables must be diced quite small. The soup must be quick to cook and effortless to eat. The bok choy and cabbage should be shredded very fine, with the bok choy added just before eating. A few bean sprouts would be delectable in this.

When the soup is PIPING hot, ladle it into a mug or bowl and add a squeeze of lime juice to perk everything up. The juice may come from one of those green plastic limes from the grocery store, or you may have an extra wedge or two left from the gin and tonics. In any event, it’s the lime that brings everything together. The final product is salty, spicy, and slightly sour–all the things you need to cut through a carb and alcohol-induced fog. Recommended for Black Friday, Boxing Day, and January 1.

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Book tour!

I am SO happy to announce the book tour information for the January release of A TREACHEROUS CURSE! We have a brand new city this year–Hello, Nashville!–and some repeat favorites. And I’m even more excited to be sharing some of the events with Tasha Alexander, Lauren Willig, and Ariel Lawhon! Mark your calendars now and come see us. Can’t wait!

January 14, The Poisoned Pen (Scottsdale AZ) with Lauren Willig and Tasha Alexander

January 16, Parnassus Books (Nashville, TN) with Ariel Lawhon

January 17, Murder by the Book (Houston, TX) with Lauren Willig

January 20, The Fountain Bookstore (Richmond, VA)

February 16, Moveable Feast with Litchfield Books (Pawleys Island, SC)*


*ticketed event

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Don’t forget that TOMORROW–November 14–is the last day to enter the FB giveaway for a chance to win an ARC of A TREACHEROUS CURSE! Want another opportunity? No problem. Today I just opened another Instagram giveaway! Just click the social media buttons on the bottom of this page to head over and get all the details. Good luck!

And don’t go far–later this week I’ll be posting book tour information for January with an exciting new city where I HAVE NEVER SIGNED BEFORE!

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A reading nook…

I’ve tucked a reading nook into one of the upstairs dormers. The perfect bookish retreat!

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The queen of all giveaways!

You have GOT to check out this 15 BOOK GIVEAWAY that Penguin is offering! All featuring mysteries with kickass heroines–enter now!

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Off to Canada!

I’m heading to Bouchercon in Toronto this week–if you’re in the area, don’t miss the panel discussion and signing on Thursday at 1pm! Details on the Appearances page of the site. Also, we’ve still got TWO awesome giveaways with chances to win an ARC of A TREACHEROUS CURSE–one on Goodreads and one on Instagram!

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We have another giveaway!

While the Instagram giveaway in the previous post is still going on, you can enter ANOTHER giveaway on Goodreads for a chance to win an ARC of A TREACHEROUS CURSE!

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We’ve got a giveaway!

Want a chance to win an ARC of A TREACHEROUS CURSE? Head over to my Instagram account to enter–I’m giving away three!

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Nook and Kindle readers, good news! Barnes & Noble and Amazon have A CURIOUS BEGINNING for only $2.99 right now. Perfect time to grab your digital copy or give one to a pal!

Barnes & Noble Nook

Amazon Kindle

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