Fabulous news–and an interview!

Alright, my dears, how about some SPLENDID news? I am delighted to announce that I’ve agreed to write two more Veronica Speedwell novels for the fabulous folks at Berkley! That’s Veronica #6 and #7 if you’re keeping count. I expect they will pub in 2021 and 2022, but it’s way too early to know for certain. (#5 is already written and will be published in spring of 2020.) I can’t wait to share more Veronica adventures with you!

And here’s an interview I did for the delightful podcast The Joys of Binge Reading. I had a superb time chatting with the host, Jenny Wheeler. You can listen or read the transcript because Jenny is just that cool and has the entire show already transcribed. Hope you enjoy!

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Hello, m’dears

Goodness me, how very much has happened since the last post. I had great intentions for May. GREAT INTENTIONS. And almost none of it happened. I planned to take a social media hiatus while I was finishing revisions to the next Veronica book. I planned to do yoga everyday. I planned to SWIM IN MY OWN SERENITY. And fate laughed. This is what went out on June 5 in my latest newsletter:

Dear Readers,

So, it’s June. May started out with such good intentions! Remember my plans about a social media hiatus and yoga and all the other self-care stuff? Yeah, the very day you got that newsletter, it went completely off the rails. That was the day we had to say goodbye to our beloved Deacon, my writing buddy and the best dog who ever lived. Grief knocks you like a two by four, doesn’t it? (I’m writing this May 29th, and I literally just teared up half an hour ago when I went out to water the lilies we planted on his grave.) Those of you who follow me on social media have known my beautiful golden dude for years, and I’ve had the loveliest messages of consolation and sympathy. There were, quite literally, hundreds of you who posted, and I was so comforted by your kindness. He will be missed always.

May was also the month in which I tore apart Veronica Speedwell #5 during revisions. My editor, who is GIFTED, made a few suggestions and that morphed into me deciding to torch the middle of the book and rewrite it—all the way up until deadline which was Memorial Day. (It’s much better, I promise.)

And in a development which immensely helped—and a little bit complicated—things, my Mother’s Day gift was a puppy. (He’s a jet-black bundle of sweetness and shark teeth called Bentley. Feel free to follow him in Instagram where my husband is posting his adventures.)

So. That was a lot, a whiplash month that picked me up and shook me forty different ways. I coped by taking each day as its own invention, and often, after my work was finished, all I wanted was to crash on the sofa for some comfort viewing. I binge-watched Escape to the Country and Gardeners World and the Chelsea Flower Show and the Tour of California bike race, programs that didn’t ask much of me. More than once, I zoned out and snapped back to life only when the closing credits ran. I forgot almost everything I watched, and that suited me fine.

The very best of the comfort watching I found is on Netflix—Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. It’s a Korean show that spans two seasons, and the premise is absolutely charming. Hyori Lee, possibly Korean’s biggest pop star EVER, opened her home to guests. She and her husband cooked for visitors, coached them through yoga classes, composed songs, played with their dogs. (Imagine if Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to hold a summer camp.) It was gentle and sweet; everyone was kind and thoughtful and the biggest conflict was when they had to figure out where the plumbing leak was coming from. (I won’t spoil it for you because it was MAJOR PLUMBING DRAMA.)

In watching the two seasons, I realized there are a few basic lessons I could take away from Hyori and maybe they’ll be helpful for you too:

*Yoga can improve most things.

*Tea will improve whatever yoga can’t.

*Start each day peacefully.

*Do one thing with your whole self.

*Cook to nourish all of you.

*Bonfires and candles give more than one kind of warmth.

*Be excited by small things.

*Tidy as you go.

*Rest often.

*Love animals.

*Get out in nature at least once a day.

*Watch the sunset.

*Create as a child does, without rules.

*Care for others, actively.

*Dress comfortably.

*Be authentic.

*Share your love.

*Share your wealth.

*Honor change.

*Accept the unexpected.

*Honor your emotions.

*Make your own fun.

*The best way to say hello to a cat is by blinking slowly.


Now, I feel back on the path to restoration. I am finding my way to a new way, and June holds a lot of promise. I hope your June is good.

Happy reading,


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On a brief hiatus

Happy almost May! The online journal is on hiatus until June. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter (just over there to the right is an easy little form for you) before May 5 to get the latest. In the meantime, I’m off to New York this week for the Edgars ceremony!


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Home again, home again!

I am at home after a fantastic tour–and I am SO GRATEFUL to each and every one of you who came to events, ordered and bought books, checked them out from the library, reviewed, tweeted, Instagrammed, talked, and THOUGHT about A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION. Thanks to you, it is a USA Today Bestseller!

Here’s a quick Meet The Author video my publisher shot last month!

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A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION is finally here, y’all! I am SO happy to be sharing this book with you. I’m heading to Los Angeles today to kick off the book tour, and you STILL have time to contact any of the fabulous bookstores on the schedule and order your own personalized copy. Here is where I’ll be:

Hope to see you there!

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More giveaways!

My fabulous publisher, Berkley Books, is doing a March Madness giveaway featuring books you are REALLY going to want! Check out all the details HERE.

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It’s almost time!

Veronica’s fourth adventure, A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION, is almost here! It pubs on March 12–the kickoff day for the book tour. (The Appearances page has all the details on tour stops as well as bookstore contact info. And don’t forget that if you’re not in the area of any of the appearances, you can contact any of the bookstores to pre-order a copy. If you choose The Fountain in Richmond, you’ll even receive an exclusive pre-order gift!)

Ever wonder where the inspiration for Veronica came from? Check out this post I wrote for Writerspace explaining it all.

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Book tour info in one handy spot!

Here’s the book tour social share, all tidy and ready to go! If you can make an event, LOVELY–can’t wait to see you! If not, no worries–any of these fabulous booksellers is happy to take your pre-order info and ship a copy to you. Hope to see you on the road!

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Fab news–for you and for me!

First, I’m doing a little interpretive celebration dance (with jazz hands!) because A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION has been chosen as a LibraryReads Top 10 Book! Y’all know how much I adore librarians, so getting a nod from them is an absolute thrill.

And now for the good news for readers: Penguin Random House is doing a SUPERB Strong Historical Sleuths Giveaway! Enter to win a copy of A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION (by me, obvs), Anne Perry’s TRIPLE JEOPARDY, and Alan Bradley’s newest Flavia de Luce, THE GOLDEN TRESSES OF THE DEAD. Entries open until Feb 25!

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Which sounds like you should all be hitting up your local watering hole for a jolly game of darts, but it actually means that A TREACHEROUS CURSE is out in paperback today! It’s perfect timing–if you haven’t caught up with Veronica’s latest adventure, you have a month to get this one read before A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION comes out on March 12.

I’m also supposed to mention that A TREACHEROUS CURSE is the one that was nominated for an Edgar which is A Very Big Deal. And here’s the thing: I knew it was a big deal for me. I ran through the house, screaming and crying when I found out. People sent flowers. There was wine. But I had NO CLUE how big of a deal it was for my publisher. I got so many lovely emails from them, and I was so excited that my agent and I had already scheduled a trip last week to visit their new offices.

What I did not expect was to enter the conference room to find all the Berkley employees gathered with champagne and macarons and flowers, hollering, “SURPRISE!” with a congratulations graphic up on the presentation big screen. And because I am a stupendous softie, I burst into tears. The president said some lovely things and I tried to reply but ended up crying again because I am a super-cool professional person. It turns out that my publisher hasn’t had a Best Novel nominee in a very long time–like ever possibly. Our beautiful Veronica adventure made a wee bit of history there, and I am beyond thrilled. Seeing all those faces of all those people who work so hard to make it happen? I was awed. There are dozens of folks whose names you will never hear, whose contributions you will never know. But they are all there, working so hard to make our books what they are. To get to celebrate with them was the most extraordinary privilege. (And massive shout-out to the deliciously reclusive art team who ventured out to show me the proofs of the cover for A DANGEROUS COLLABORATION–it’s going to be SO fabulous. I cannot wait to share
with you!)

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