In which we’re talking about movies

August is reader question month on the blog. Reader Sarah Schemansky wrote:

Hello! I am a new reader of your books! I just finished reading Whisper Of Jasmine and City Of Jasmine. I just picked up A copy of A Spear of Summer Grass. I absolutely love how descriptive your stories are. My question for you is: Do you plan on making any of these books into a movie?

If I had my way–yes! The way things stand now, I hold entertainment rights to all of my novels and none of them have yet been optioned for films or television. I have had discussions with producers, and would dearly love to see the novels made into movies, but we’re not to that stage yet.

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One Response to In which we’re talking about movies

  1. Lynne says:

    Well, I think almost anything you have written could be a candidate for Masterpiece. So if movies don’t work out, start nagging PBS. And we’ll all get on the campaign wagon if need be. Dramatizing Lady Julia would be such fun…but anything would translate to the screen. A terrific idea, Deanna!

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