In which we’re catching up quickly!

Hello, chickens! I’m deep in the throes of revisions of the novel that comes after CITY OF JASMINE–does that even seem possible?? Anyway, I wanted to share just a few quick links to things you might have missed. First, here’s a blog I did for the fab folks at Writerspace on MIDSUMMER NIGHT. Second, one of my great delights in traveling to New Mexico last weekend–and OMG, it was awesome and I need to blog in the new year about doing the things that scare the EVERLOVINGBEEJEESUS out of you because it pays off–was meeting Darynda Jones, uber-successful writer of the Charley Davidson series. Today she’s hosting a giveaway of FIVE of my books at her blog, and check out the answer I gave to the question: good guy or bad boy? Third, the blog entries that are going up now have all–except this one!–been written ahead of time and loaded into the queue so I can meet my deadline, but I’m still tweeting! Hope all of you are well, and I cannot WAIT until you get December’s newsletter. There are some exciting things to share–be sure you’ve signed up on the right-hand sidebar of the blog!

And finally, be sure to pootle over to Writerspace at 9pm eastern THIS SUNDAY, November 17, for a chat dedicated to MIDSUMMER NIGHT! I’ll be nattering on about the books, upcoming projects, and anything else you’d like to chatter about. Come see me!

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