In which we talk about the future

Reader Alice had a second query that is similar to questions from Make Kay and Michelle via Facebook. Here’s Alice’s question:

My second question is probably expected. 🙂 I love, love the Julia Grey series! I really love the direction you are taking this series after your most recent novella with the Vespiary. Can you give us any hope at all for a future full-length Julia Grey/Vespiary novel?

The short answer is probably not. Here’s why: after I wrote the fifth Julia Grey novel, my publisher put the series on hiatus and asked for something different. To fulfill my contract, I wrote A SPEAR OF SUMMER GRASS, CITY OF JASMINE, and the upcoming NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS. They were happy to let me carry on the Julia Grey storyline via digital novellas, and I’ve used those to continue the story arc I had planned for Julia had I written a full-length novel. (The four novellas–including BONFIRE NIGHT, the Nov. 2014 release–add up to almost the same word length as a novel.)

Once I finished my contract, I made the decision to leave my publisher. My agent pitched a brand new Victorian mystery series, and as I shared in July, that’s what I’m writing now. (I can’t share release dates or titles yet, but as soon as I can, I will!) I’m writing for NAL/Penguin now, and I can tell you the new series will be hardcover. I can also tell you that a new publisher almost never wants to revive a series another publisher has declined to finish. There are exceptions of course, but they are rare, so the likeliest outcome is that we’ll move forward with the new series, and the novella in November will be the last Julia project. As I blogged earlier, if the Julia books were to become a TV series or a film, that would revive interest and future books would then be possible. So, if you want new Julia books and you own a production company, drop me an email!

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  1. Diana says:

    I must have missed something. I don’t know what they’re talking about when they say “The Vespiary”. Is there a list somewhere of your books?
    You know I love the series and I LOVE “The Dead TRavel Fast”. I’m sad that you won’t be writing more. Ever think about self publishing? But I understand. It’s what we all do. Change is a part of life. You probably get bored just writing the same characters.
    I have these. Am I missing something?
    Lady Julia Grey
    1. Silent in the Grave (2006)———————-have
    2. Silent in the Sanctuary (2008)———————-have
    3. Silent on the Moor (2009)———————-have
    4. Dark Road to Darjeeling (2010)——————–have
    5. The Dark Enquiry (2011)——————–have
    5.5. Silent Night (2012)——————–have
    6. Midsummer Night (11/2013)—————have
    6.5. Twelfth Night——————————-have

    The Dead Travel Fast (2010)———————-have
    A Spear of Summer Grass (2013)
    City of Jasmine (2/2014)

    Far in the Wilds (2013)——————————have

  2. Monique says:

    Will the 4 novellas be available for purchase in a physical book form?

  3. Ruth Nixon says:

    It’s so sad to have to say goodbye to Julia, Brisbane and the March family. From the first page they have been a joy and so glad to have had the novellas at least. Must say I’ve enjoyed all your books, your heroes are to die for. Will look for the new series.

  4. Monique, it’s unlikely. I know there’s no plan currently to bring them out in print form, and I don’t see that changing unless a TV/film deal made it a good proposition for the publisher. I do know that the audio rights to first two novellas have been acquired, so audio versions are coming, but beyond that, I don’t know details.

    Diana, the Vespiary is an organization referred to in CITY OF JASMINE, the upcoming NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS, and the Julia novella TWELFTH NIGHT. You’re completely up to date with that list; the two projects that will finish things up are October’s NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS and November’s BONFIRE NIGHT!

    Thanks, Ruth! I am having a fabulous time writing the new characters–hope you enjoy them just as much.

  5. Great news! Thanks for sharing. I’ve long been an admirer of your work! You were definitely one of the authors that inspired me to write too. And I appreciate your explanation behind your writing/publishing decisions.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Like the others I will miss the Julia Grey series, especially Brisbane. 😉

    I’m looking forward to the new Victorian series and I’m certain it will be wonderful. You write such great characters.

  7. artfox says:

    If the Julia Grey books are ever considered for a film or TV series, I hope and pray that the production company is based in the UK. Only the Brits could do them justice.

  8. Kristi Burch says:

    Thank you for being so clear. It helps us to understand why. I’m disappointed in your former publisher. I think Julia and Brisbane have many adventures ahead. I’m sure your next series will be equally gripping. PLEASE do everything you can to get it on Audible and with a consistent narrator. I’m a slow reader, mom of 3, and work. Your books in audio help me get out of my world. Thank you, Kristi Burch

  9. Lynne says:

    Deanna , I am in the group that will sorely miss Julia, Brisbane and all the crazy, wonderful March family. But I’m equally excited about a new series. I look at it this way – As long as you write historical fiction, keep your sense of humor in the stories and continue to make wonderful characters, I’ll be one of your happiest readers. I think a new publisher is just a new adventure – you’re still the same person with the same gift for story-telling! Can’t wait to hear the details on the new books!

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