In which we have a superb December planned!

I had originally planned to put the blog on holiday in December, and then it occurred to me it might be MUCH more fun to throw open the doors and let guest bloggers come in and play. So, I decided to open it up to eight writers, first come first serve. And then a wonderful thing happened. We had OODLES of people who offered to blog, so I kept bumping up the number of days we’d have posts. And then I finally said, “LET’S DO 31 DAYS OF AWESOMENESS.” So in December, I shall be sitting with my feet up, sipping hot chocolate, and watching the cheesiest holiday movies I can find while y’all are entertained by some very fine folks. We have bestselling authors, writers who are newly-published, and those who are still working on their first book. We have a reviewer and a fledgling freelance editor joining us too! I’m BEYOND excited about this and it’s all happening because I know some super-generous folks.

Now, to speak directly to those super-generous peeps with some general guidelines:

*The sooner you can send your post, the better. My goal is to get them all loaded in the queue before December 1.

*Topic/length are up to you. Our whole point to this is to have some fun, so share things that are meaningful/enjoyable/creative, etc.

*You are welcome to send a favorite piece you might have already posted on your own blog.

*Be sure to introduce yourself since the posts will be loaded as is without commentary by me.

*I will not be permitting comments or managing giveaways during December, so if you’d like interaction or to offer a freebie, please provide a link back to your site so readers can chat with you there. (Comments won’t be allowed because the sp*mmers are out in FULL force and if I open comments I have to moderate. And that pretty much kills the idea of taking December off…)

*I’m absolutely delighted to have each and every one of you here to play, so thanks for volunteering as tribute!

The schedule is as follows, please double-check your date:

Nov. 30–Christopher’s preview & my intro

Dec. 1–Alyssa










11–Rebecca D.


13–Kelly J.





18–SOS Aloha







25–Rebecca P.



28–Sarah & Ali in a double post

29–Marguerite & Deniz in a double post


31–Erica & Grace in a double post

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  1. Lynne says:

    Super idea, Deanna! Looking forward to hearing from all these people – a new perspective and you get to rest…well, as much as anyone rests in Dec.

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