I have taken the plunge…

I’ve done it, y’all. I ditched my heels. According to this article in the Washington Post I’m not alone. Sales of stilettos have tanked and we’re buying flats and sneakers by the bushel.

For years, when I went to conferences, I dressed up–literally. Dresses and heels because that combination was easy to pack and made me feel confident and pulled together. And then, about three years ago for a conference in New Orleans, I simply didn’t want to do it anymore. I packed black skinny jeans, a white blazer, and t-strap pointy-toed flats in black and white. It was a revelation. After a decade of bandaids and moleskin and aching feet and cab fares, I walked everywhere. I did it easily and without pain!

And oddly enough, I felt more like myself than I ever have. I went home and packed up every tailored dress and donated them to my local thrift store. The heels were harder to part with. I had a pair of black platform boots that laced up the front and made me feel like an Edwardian madam–in a good way. I adored my leopard slingbacks with the cork heels that went with EVERYTHING. So I put them in the attic and promised myself that if a year passed and I hadn’t worn them, off they would go.

I’ve replaced my heels with an array of things that are kinder to my feet and back and every inch ME. I have over-the-knee boots in black velvet and a pair of t-strap velvet flats that are so embellished they belong in a jewel box. I have thigh-high riding boots and gladiator sandals and ballerina flats in leopard and pink suede. And this year I treated myself to the best of all possible things–three pairs of Taos Crave boots in black, violet, and red. They are comfortable and cool and make me feel like a superhero in disguise.

The year has passed and it’s time to ditch the heels forever. Something tells me I’m not going to miss them…

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