Books, books, and more books…

Final series recommendation for August, and I’ve saved something special for last, my dears–Sarah Caudwell’s Hilary Tamar series. If you haven’t read these books, I hardly know how to describe them; they are unlike anything else I’ve ever found. Witty, engaging, occasionally malicious in a delectable way, the series follows the amateur detective exploits of Oxford don Hilary Tamar and the young barristers of 62 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn. The books are so cleverly written that Tamar’s gender is never revealed in the course of the series, and the supporting characters are some of the most memorable and delightful of any series. Unfortunately, Caudwell died after completing only four novels in the series, but they are jewels. They are perfectly readable out of order, and THUS WAS ADONIS MURDERED is my favorite. (One of my characters in NIGHT OF A THOUSAND STARS used the pseudonym Cantrip in homage to her scampish barrister Michael Cantrip.)

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