Lots o’links!

Round-up of links today–saddle up!

*Interesting article on “The Lying Art of Historical Fiction.” It was published QUITE a while back, but well worth reading.

*Social Customs from the Regency Era via Jane Austen’s World. This one is a superb resource for learning more about what folks were really getting up to in the early 19th century.

*Sure, we all love the magic and mystery of perfume, but have you ever wondered about the science of it? This article shows how your favorite scent is conjured. For a different take, read Capturing the Scent of a Flower.

*Speaking of perfume, my favorite hot weather scent is Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic. Citrussy, cool, herbal–there is nothing more refreshing when the mercury is climbing.

*Need some stylish inspiration? Matchbook Magazine has you covered. It’s bright, cheerful, and always full of creative tips. Check out the daily feature!

*Looking to improve your chess game? Here are 50 strategies to help.

*I’m absolutely smitten with Papaya Art. They make perfect gifts for the creative person in your life.

*Got a literary lover to buy for? Check out Jezebel Charms!

*And sometimes you just have to answer the question, How Many Zombies Can You Kill?



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