Reading Group Questions

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Veronica Speedwell Mystery #1
NAL | $25.95
(January 10, 2017)
ISBN-13: 978-0451476159


  1. Once again, Veronica's curiosity propels her into solving a mystery. Is this curiosity a fatal flaw? What motivates Stoker to partner with her for the investigation?

  2. What do Veronica and her family stand to lose if her identity is revealed? What does each side stand to gain?

  3. We are introduced to a significant new character in Lady Wellingtonia in this novel. What do you think ultimately motivates her?

  4. Princess Louise feels bound by honor and duty to behave in a certain way. Are you sympathetic to her situation? How do you think you would handle similar expectations?

  5. The Elysian Grotto and Havelock House are historically accurate but not what many typically think of as Victorian settings. How important are these two locations in the novel's development?

  6. One of the most consequential characters, Miles Ramsforth, does not appear in the novel, forcing readers to develop their impressions of him based upon other characters' feelings. What do you think of Miles?

  7. In what ways do we come to better understand Stoker as his past is slowly revealed?

  8. Veronica and Stoker are both willing to make tremendous sacrifices for each other. What does this say about the nature of their bond? What developments do you anticipate in their relationship going forward?