Reading Group Questions

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Veronica Speedwell Mystery #1
(September 1, 2015)
ISBN-10: 0451476018
ISBN-13: 978-0451476012


  1. Veronica and Stoker were born into quite different circumstances yet they share much in common. In what ways have their paths been similar and how have they varied?

  2. Curiosity plays an important role in Veronica's decision-making. How would you have handled the choices she made in following her curious nature?

  3. Why do you think Veronica chose lepidoptery as her pursuit? What are the challenges she faces with this undertaking? How does it suit her personality?

  4. Veronica is often faced with choosing between logic and intuition. How does she resolve relying on intuition with her scientific nature?

  5. Stoker has many secrets yet to be revealed. What sort of man do you think he truly is?

  6. Given the unorthodox nature of their meeting as well as their individual reputations and status, what future do you see for Veronica and Stoker together?

  7. Did Veronica make the right choice in the way she handled the truth about her family?

  8. Lady Cordelia and Veronica seem to share a bond based partly on their common experiences. What do you think motivates Lady Cordelia? What challenges do both women face as intelligent, motivated women in Victorian society?

  9. Describe Veronica's complicated relationship with England.